Family Business

Family Business Strategy

Understanding an organization’s history, recognizing its culture and knowing where it is heading are all essential components to creating a long-term strategy. If it is a family owned business the operating company’s strategy should be aligned with the family’s strategy. This is especially critical at times of transition. We can work with your family to develop a strategy, ensure effective communication, and set clear objectives.

Ownership Transition and Succession

Business ownership transition is a process with many moving parts and can take various forms. Having a well thought out plan enables business owners to maximize shareholder value, ensure continuity and growth of the business, reduce uncertainty for family and employees, control how and when they exit, and define their legacy. There is no one size fits all solution and McNally Brown Group has the expertise to provide guidance and support.

Family Office

Many families have investments outside of the core business or have exited their prime businesses and created a family office with diversified investments. We assist with longer terms strategic investments, such as private equity investment or land development projects, acting as a strategic project manager to oversee projects through various stages of its lifecycle.