Strategic Planning

McNally Brown Group has a deep understanding of effective approaches to developing strategic plans. Using various strategic frameworks and facilitated workshops, we work with the organization’s leaders to develop a custom, strategic planning process. Once a strategic plan is in place, monitoring performance and adjusting the plan based on results and opportunities is vital. We can provide support to monitor, review and update strategic plans, and assist with implementation of strategic initiatives.

Marketing Strategy

Pursuing a new market or introducing a new product or service is a big investment for an organization. Whether it involves expansion to new geographic markets, or delivering new products or services to existing markets, significant time and resources are required. McNally Brown Group can help you to size up new markets, develop and evaluate market entry strategies and assess the internal capabilities you will need to successfully execute your plan. 

Mergers, Acquisitions or Business Sale Support 

McNally Brown Group provides project lead, advisory and support for business sale to small and mid-market companies for mergers and acquisitions. We can assist with linking your organization’s strategic objectives, evaluating potential companies, markets and risk, financial scenario and cash-flow modeling, and advisor selection support. We understand the complexity and time required to effectively prepare and implement a merger, acquisition or business sale and have substantial experience in post-merger and acquisition integration.