Management and Dashboard Reporting

As organizations grow and evolve, additional information other than traditional financial reporting is needed more broadly across the organization. Timely management reporting is tailored to the functional group so managers can monitor performance. Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be developed that focus on key areas of the organization. We work collaboratively with the leadership team to align the organization’s strategic objectives and goals with the management reporting required.

Asset Management

McNally Brown Group has extensive experience in asset intensive industries and understands that asset management strategies need to align with the company’s strategic plan and have mechanisms for analysis of opportunities. We work with companies to understand their market position, plans for growth, identify risks and opportunities, and develop an asset management strategy that makes sense for the business. 

Accounting and Finance Support

McNally Brown Group has hands-on experience with project based and asset intensive organizations and believe in the philosophy that organizations are more successful when accounting and finance are aligned with sales and operations. Supporting the various services that McNally Brown Group offers, our expertise in accounting and finance includes financial modeling, forecasting, scenario analysis, cash-flow analysis and integrating accounting processes with operations.