McNally Brown Group was instrumental in guiding Deep Foundations Contractors through a company-wide ERP selection and implementation process. I trusted Colin and Laura as if they were Deep’s employees, their attention to the details was critical to the success of this endeavor.

Mauro Scanga, P.Eng.

Deep Foundations Contractors

Naylor Group is a mechanical/electrical contractor and McNally Brown Group provided some much needed guidance on proper project management and helped define key performance indicators for Naylor’s management team. Colin and Laura’s experience in large construction was very helpful and applicable for our business. The process of interviewing Naylor’s managers in order to truly understand our needs made their consulting even more effective. At the end McNally Brown Group provided a process that was easy to follow and implement.

Greg Hitchman

Executive Vice President
Naylor Group Inc.

Both Laura and Colin have been a great help to me personally and to my company and as a result we are now poised for significant growth.  ASI Group was founded in 1987 and achieved significant growth in the first 20 years but this had slowed in recent years for many reasons, primarily due to the size of the company and management structure which was cumbersome and lacked effective leadership.  Laura and Colin led us through very effective strategy sessions with key staff which highlighted weaknesses’ and strengths and resulted in development of key strategy documents that outline a clear direction and our “path to success”.   We are now reorganized into two separate business units each with effective management and strong leadership.  The results are already being realized as we are forecasting an average of 25% growth in our business for the next fiscal year, something we have not seen for a number of years.  We would not have been able to get there in such a quick and effective way without the help of McNally Brown Group, they are part of our team now!  I have no problem recommending them to any of my colleagues.

Carmen Sferrazza

ASI Group